Kayentee Cerulean Muscle V

  • $40.45

Perfect for any activity including Yoga, Pilates or Working Out at the gym, the Kayentee Yoga V is a slim fit vest made of light weight fabric that is breathable, sweat wicking and offers great range of movement.

From the front it looks like a regular Vest, the back however features an open back slit with two catches. These catches can be opened up fully if your choose. The shoulder back panel features our beautiful Kayentee print. The neck and hems are also trimmed with the Kayentee print making it recognisable from the front and back.

The Kayentee Yoga V is designed to be slim fit, if you want it baggier, we suggest you go a size or two larger.

The Kayentee Yoga V pairs beautifully with the Kayentee Butiful & Vibrant leggings.