Siefay On Iron Red Funky Leggings

  • $53.54

Back by popular demand – The Siefay is up for its second run. This print is inspired from the ever-popular Ankara prints. Ankara originated from the Netherlands but very quickly became a staple fabric on the African continent.

Ankara fabrics are made from 100% cotton fabric featuring vibrant bold colours with motifs and patterns. Ankara prints are made through an Indonesian wax-resist dyeing technique called batik. TYNA has taken this a step further and created a stunning collection of premium quality activewear with its heritage stemming from these popular designs.

This season the Funky & Splash colourways combines Iron Red, Orange, Black & hints of Grey conveying courage, enthusiasm, power and balance.

Team up with the Siefay On Iron Red Funky/Splash Sports Bra